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In the house of B&B you can find a holistic area.
Barbara,  offers a variety of specialistic treatments and therapies for the treatment and well-being of the person.
For the guests of B&B there are special discounts on treatments.


Therapeutic massage.
With a significant effect on muscle contractions and trigger points (points at which tension builds), it increases blood circulation in the tissues promoting better oxygenation, causing an effective analgesic effect.


It is a manual therapy that is used to mobilize, relax and soften the connective fascia, and through traction, to improve the joint condition.
It is particularly suitable for neck pain and headache, arthritis and stiffness


It’s a therapy that seeks a healthy condition of equilibrium of body, mind and spirit, which are treated as a single entity, because a physical alteration may not be separated from an emotional disorder, and reverse.
Indulging in a ohashiatsu ® massage does not mean just relax, but above all well being; it means a better awareness of your body and your mind, and then also improving your relations with the world around you.


In the feet you can find a “map” of the entire body and therefore all the physical situations and psychic energy of every organ are reflected there.
The study of plantar reflexology enables you to identify areas of weakness of viscera and organs, to remove stagnant toxins to improve circulation and oxygenation in order to cure many diseases.
Functional disorders such as joint stiffness, headaches, digestive problems, psychosomatic pains of different nature are the main fields of application.