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Who we are:


Hi everybody, we are Barbara and Giovanni, and for years we have been supporting  a life style respectful of the environment and of life.

Thanks to our sacrifices and those of our families, we have been  able to realize our dream:
building an ecological House with wooden structure and opening a Bed and Breakfast.

The house under construction.

Our dream is located in the heart of Valtenesi hills, a land of vineyards and olive groves overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Garda.
The House is built with a bioclimatic wooden structure, which has a  low energy impact.

Other choices we made in relation to the environment are:

  • The use of solar panels for heating and sanitary water
  • The use of a thermic process without  glycol (problematic disposal), but directly with water.
  • In the House there is a heat system that allows, during the winter, a healthy air circulation in the rooms without energy waste.
  • We reuse  the rainwater to water the garden and flush the toilets.
  • The House is surrounded by permeable paving to allow the rain to enter naturally into the ground.
  • We chose deliberately not to put air conditioning in order to respect the environment and  not harm our health.
  • The electrical system of the whole House is designed to receive the electrical circuit breaker.


For years we have been supporting organic agriculture.
We only use organic products, from small local producers we know and support.

During the course of this project we would have liked to do more in relation to the environment, but unfortunately the budget didn’t allow it and we didn’t have any kind of support from organizations or institutions.

Every day we  fight hard (in all respects) for a healthier and more altruistic life and for an environmentally friendly attitude  but we realise that people who think like us are still very few.
This is the reason why we opened  a Bed and Breakfast, to transmit  our thoughts and lifestyle.


We are part of a GAS group.


Thanks for the time you have devoted!
We are waiting for us

Barbara e Giovanni

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